Automotive Sales Training for New Hires

POSTED ON October 24, 2023

As your dealership continues to grow, you want to ensure that your new hires have the training and support needed to successfully build their career. Automotive sales training increasingly utilizes technology, which can help dealership managers balance both training and daily operations.  

Below, NCM Associates Instructor Reggie Vaughn shares his expertise on the sales process in the automotive industry and how to leverage technology for effective new-hire training.  

The Role of Sales at Your Dealership  

The sales process plays a vital role in the automotive industry. While technology continues to change the way that we shop for and purchase vehicles, most shoppers prefer to have facetime with salespeople. So, the development of our sales team’s ability is still vital to our success.  

Your new hires will need to understand how to communicate with customers, answer industry questions, and direct them toward solutions that meet their needs. Along with understanding the inner workings of your dealership, it’s important to prioritize your employee’s sales skills during training.  

Strong sales skills allow dealerships to become people-oriented, offering a unique and personable experience for each shopper who walks through the door.  

Leveraging Technology in Automotive Training   

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming numerous facets of our society. Education stands to benefit tremendously from AI-enabled personalized learning plans tailored to each student's strengths and needs. Such adaptive learning technology promises to enhance both the quality and accessibility of training. 

AI-driven training platforms will empower sales teams to hone their skills through simulated customer interactions. We can dramatically improve training and professional development across many fields by leveraging AI to understand how people learn and communicate. 

Sales trainees can practice sales scenarios to gain experience before interacting with real customers. This allows managers to focus on operations while still guiding skill development. The training platform tracks progress so managers can monitor improvement. 

The Impact of Automotive Sales Training  

Automotive sales training allows your dealership to stay ahead of these changes and evolve with the industry rather than against it. You can provide a more comprehensive experience for your customers and more professional development for your employees.  

Set Your New Hires Up for Success with Automotive Sales Training 

When growing your sales team, dealership leaders can help new hires successfully begin their careers with comprehensive automotive sales training and continue their growth with a tailored sales career path. Leveraging training technology allows your dealership to be more people-oriented and supports your sales team’s professional development. 

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