Building upon a history-rich, solid foundation.

In 1945, a group of successful Ford dealerships formed the Dealer Analysis Bureau, holding meetings to discuss dealer operations and share best practices. This group, which evolved to become NCM Associates’ original automotive1947 20 Group, hired Kansas City management company, Central Services, to provide key management information monthly.

By 1947, other automotive dealers noticed the success of the automotive 20 Group concept and began to inquire about applying it to their operations. Led by C.V. Nichols, Maynard Campbell, and Bob Morrow, Central Services expanded its offering to the rest of the automotive industry and the firm eventually became Nichols, Campbell, and  1988Morrow—the predecessor of today’s NCM Associates. In 1988, the principals of Nichols, Campbell, and Morrow transferred ownership of the company to its dedicated employees.

Along the way, we’ve expanded our clientele to include businesses in more than 20  non-automotive industries and, in 1966, NCM created the computerized  composite by sending our data on punch cards. Then, in 1997, we expanded our services from  20 Groups and Consulting  to include a full-service travel division to help our clients with their corporate and leisure travel. In19972010, to further address an industry gap, we began offering specialized, automotive dealership management training through our education division known as the NCM Institute.

In 2012, we partnered with ReverseRisk and Intelligent Dealer to provide a suite of software solutions created by dealers for dealers. Starting with  axcessa in 2012, dealers and management staff instantly gained access to actionable intelligence through critical DMS data aggregated into easy-to-understand reports. Following axcessa, HealthCheck launched in 2017, allowing owners to compare themselves against regional and national benchmarks.

2018In February 2018, NCM and  Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG) announced our joint venture,  The Auxilio Group, which brought an unparalleled level of service to dealerships across North America. In April of the same year, NCM acquired ConSept LLC, a leading 20 Group provider in Canada. This merger cemented NCM as North America’s largest 20 Group provider and enhanced our combined suite of products and services to help dealer principals, their staff, and OEMs. Additionally, in September 2018, we also acquired TSI Auto Solutions to further strengthen our suite of business intelligence tools and to offer Software as a Service (SaaS) products to better serve North American OEMs and their dealer network.

NCM Associates is a 100% employee-owned company focused on creating and delivering always-innovative products and services to our clients, empowering them with the right tools to perform at their best.

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Join the NCM Team

At NCM, we help one another succeed every day. If you have a similar philosophy, we’re always looking for talented people to bring new perspectives, knowledge, and experiences to our team.

Being part of the ESOP is such an incredible benefit that cannot be ignored. There are not a lot of companies that allow their employees to be “owners.”

Chris Kahrs, Moderator/Consultant, NCM Associates

I feel very grateful to be a part of such a great team. The management team works tirelessly to foster a work environment based on respect, responsibility, collaboration, transparency, just doing the right thing, and having a little bit of fun.

Bettie McNeil, Receptionist, NCM Associates

During my 30+ years in the automotive industry, I have never worked with a more professional group of individuals than I do today at NCM Associates. The level of expertise, commitment, and passion demonstrated daily by our team is unsurpassed.

Rick Wegley, Instructor, NCM Institute
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