Nigel Smith

Account Executive OEM

Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith is an Account Executive-OEM Solutions.   He works with NCM’s Canadian automotive OEM clients to identify and build strategic business relationships. After spending most of his automotive career on the “client-side” of the business, Nigel brings this knowledge to the vendor side of the relationship.   More importantly, Nigel understands the important of communication, integrity, and trust in any vendor/client relationship.

With over 20 years of corporate automotive experience, Nigel has worked for several OEMS in various progressive management positions and has successfully implemented complete Business Management infrastructures at 2 OEMs. He is a certified Mental Performance Coach who provides mental skills training to athletes, to help them optimize their performance in their sport/competition.

Nigel holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Administrative Management from Concordia University, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Nigel, (who was a former professional athlete) enjoys his physical fitness and is a big sports fan who enjoys watching Football, Ice Hockey and Basketball.    

Contact Information
800-756-2620 4717 Grand Ave. #500
Kansas City, MO 64112