NCM's automotive consultants deliver quantifiable, sustainable improvements.

An unbiased, outside perspective can be critical to maintain, regain, or improve profitability. That’s where NCM Associates’ consultants can help.

We make no assumptions

Each client is unique, with different challenges and cultures. We don't force you into a pre-designed program that isn't right for you. Before we set foot in your business, your NCM retail coach will conduct a thorough financial review and pre-visit analysis which includes gathering your input. We don't presume to know your concerns and priorities; our first order of business is to listen. From this, your preliminary business plan is developed and an on-site visit is scheduled.

We plan for profit improvement

The on-site visit is conducted to confirm the preliminary plan and, once you are satisfied with the direction, your consultant continues the evaluation to identify and incorporate the on-site elements into the business plan. This includes one-on-one interviews with each manager for a 360-degree perspective and assurance of their commitment to the recommended solutions.

Success through teamwork and accountability

Your retail coach will use our industry-leading Profit Trend Analysis report to detail your dealership's financial performance and compare it to NCM 20 Group Benchmark averages. Manager Commitment Plans are then constructed, reviewed, and prioritized by your entire management team, fostering a cohesive environment by setting achievable win-win objectives. Follow-up meetings are scheduled monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, depending on the demands of your operation. Our job is not done unless you are reaping performance improvements.

Industries we serve

Our consultants have 10+ years of experience in the automotive industry, and because we can provide NCM Benchmark data for other non-automotive industries, we can apply the same processes and methods to improve businesses such as:

  • Beverage distribution
  • Water filtration and treatment
  • Furniture distribution
  • Motorcycle and power sports
  • Auto auction
  • Truck leasing
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