Automotive Comparison Guide: Dealer Consulting Services

POSTED ON April 23, 2024

Automotive sales require more than a great inventory. Rather, it demands a strategic business approach to all operations, one that allows dealers to elevate their annual goals. An automotive consultant can help ensure you’re set up for success—and that begins by laying out your consulting wants and needs. 

Read on to learn more about what Robert Peterson, an instructor and consultant at NCM Associates, advises dealers as they search for dealer consulting services. 

Maintain Dealership Success With Consulting Solutions 

Every dealership is unique, which emphasizes the need for a hands-on approach to consulting. As your dealer looks for solutions, the right dealer consulting services can easily adapt your business for success without disrupting its flow. 

When considering consulting services, dealerships should prioritize reputation. Peterson believes reputation is built on the quality of the consultants and the experience they have in the department that needs consulting. 

NCM has consultants that have worked in the dealership environment for several years, and our consultants are deployed based specifically on the position or department. 

Dealers should also consider consulting services that carry the visionary ability to uncover business challenges that a dealer owner may not be addressing at the first stages of consulting assistance. This allows for a natural evolution of business and growth. 

Know What to Ask to Maximize ROI 

Consulting services involve a comprehensive understanding of market trends. This, Peterson says, allows dealerships to examine every facet of their annual expectations to maximize results—and that starts by asking tough questions. 

Doing so can make the search for the right consultant more efficient. It’s critical to assess the value of consulting services to ensure they align with the unique needs, goals, and overall objective of the dealership. 

Peterson advises dealerships to schedule a meeting with potential consultants to determine if the fit is right with the core values of a dealership. 

"I have heard that dealerships [who hire] a consultant that did not align with the team... [had] no progress made," said Peterson. "The historical impact or return on investment by past clients is also an important part to consider." 

What Our Benchmark® Data Shows—and How it Helps 

Our Benchmark® tools analyze a comprehensive range of financial data, so our clients can compare their performance to other organizations—and industry averages, too. This allows dealers to identify areas where they excel and areas they can improve, which can then be used to develop targeted strategies for a consultant to deploy—including sales, profitability, and other key metrics. 

"At NCM, we have the ability to see things through each manufacturer in North America to analyze each department and trend in the industry," said Peterson. "[We] have a unique approach to be able to see trends by not only the macro level, but also at the micro level of each manufacturer." 

Dealerships should select the right consultant who can help them best achieve their business objectives. For instance, if a dealership struggles with profitability, a consultant who can identify and address cost-saving opportunities may be the best solution. 

Find Solutions for Your Dealership 

NCM Associates strives to be partners in your dealership’s success. Learn more about our dealer consulting services and processes, from scheduling meetings to enacting a business strategy that takes your dealer to new heights. 

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