Top Automotive Consulting Skills Every Dealership Should Look For

POSTED ON August 22, 2023

Automotive consulting provides guidance and direction to create an effective plan of improvement for dealership operations and profitability. To help you understand the top automotive consulting skills that your dealership should look for, we spoke with consulting expert Rick Wegley, an NCM Associates Instructor and Consultant.  

At NCM Associates, you can meet with a seasoned consulting professional with years of experience in automotive retail. We provide an in-depth analysis of business Sales Management, Production Management, Inventory Management, and Marketing Management processes. 

What Skills are Essential for Automotive Consultants?  

Rick Wegley defines automotive consulting as “providing a non-partisan evaluation of people, processes, facilities, inventories, and financial performance to identify opportunities for improvement in current business operations.”  

Rick notes that many consulting engagements are with profitable clients who are looking for an opportunity analysis, something he calls a “fix the roof while the sun is shining” visit. For these dealerships, an objective, outside perspective results in identified opportunities for overall growth. 

Before scheduling a meeting with an automotive consultant, you want to ensure that you’re working with an expert. As a dealership manager, you should search for an automotive consultant who has the following skills:  

Industry, Dealership, and Brand-Specific Experience 

An automotive consultant should have in-depth knowledge and expertise in all areas of dealership operations. Any advice or direction they provide you with should come from an understanding of your specific business as well as their experience with relevant topics. 

Additionally, while it may depend on the business model being evaluated, meeting with a consultant who has both retail and/or wholesale experience with the specific OEM (original equipment manufacturer) can lead to a more successful, personalized solution.  

Financial Management 

Your automotive consultant must have skills in financial management in order to make cost recommendations for your dealership. They’ll be responsible for identifying areas that need improvement in order to create a more successful operation.  

The consultant should also understand your DMS (Dealer Management System) and be able to access and provide essential data to back up their recommendations.  

Good Judgment and Decision Making 

An experienced consultant understands the importance of finding the right solutions for your dealership. To ensure they are a perfect fit, your consultant should arrange an interview and ask questions to better understand your business needs.  

While not all consulting requires an on-site visit, your consultant should request access to essential information, such as dealership financials and reports. It’s also beneficial to work with a consultant who can meet with you via phone or video conference call to best support your needs.  

If they do not feel as though they are a good fit, they should redirect you to another consultant or solution.  

Consistent Communication 

Communication skills are a must for automotive consultants. Follow-up meetings can ensure success, and your consultant should understand the frequency and method of scheduling these meetings, usually 30, 60, or 90 days after the initial engagement.  

The consultant will always make themselves available to answer questions or offer guidance between scheduled communications. Finally, while a consultation can uncover many dealership opportunities, an experienced consultant will help you identify which areas require the most immediate attention.  

Meet with an NCM Associates Consultant  

As a dealership manager, meeting with an automotive consultant can help you transform the operations of your dealership. When you request a consultation with NCM Associates, a sales team member will review your request and connect you with the Subject Matter Experts best qualified to provide consulting services.  

From there, we will arrange a call from the consultant to gather more information, identify specific concerns, and schedule either remote consulting or an on-site visit to best suit your needs. 

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