NCM Associates Awards Scholarship at 2016 Women in Automotive Conference

Kansas City, Mo., July 11, 2016 – NCM Associates selected Shannon Kominowski, General Manager at Holler Hyundai in Winter Park, Fla., as the first recipient of the NCM Associates GMEP Scholarship at the Women in Automotive Conference held in late June.

Brandiss Drummer, Operations Manager for the NCM Institute, commented, “NCM was honored to work with Women in Automotive to offer this opportunity. My team and I were impressed by the commitment to the automotive industry shown by all the applicants, and it was tough to select our scholarship winner from such an outstanding group of women. The NCM Institute is proud to welcome Shannon to our program and look forward to helping her achieve her educational and career goals.”

The 10-month scholarship, valued at nearly $10,500, will cover the fees for the NCM Institute’s General Executive Management Program (GMEP), a comprehensive professional development program that equips current and future executives for long-term success in retail automotive management with emphasis on dealership financial and operational best practices.

Shannon Kominowski is thrilled at the opportunity to attend GMEP. “I had already spoken to our executive management team at Holler Hyundai about the class,” she said. “And I couldn’t be more excited or more grateful that NCM Associates believes in me as much as my company. It’s wonderful to have people who genuinely believe in who I am and who I can become!”

For more information about the General Management Executive Program or the NCM Institute and its complete suite of classroom, web-based, and private management training, call 866-756-2620.