NCM Associates Announces NCM axcessa Integration with Dominion Dealer Solutions DMS

Kansas City, Mo., February 1, 2016 – NCM Associates, announced today the integration of NCM axcessa with Dominion Dealer Solutions. The collaboration is part of the company’s efforts to provide broad-based instant access to dealership operational analytics so dealers and managers can make timely decisions based on data intelligence contained in the dealerships’ various operating systems.

“We couldn’t be more proud to say that NCM axcessa is the only software of its kind in the marketplace to be certified by Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK Global, Dealertrack, and now Dominion,” said David Spisak, President of ReverseRisk, which created axcessa. “This means that axcessa has met their rigorous certification requirements, allowing dealers to leverage axcessa to harness the power of their DMS data. With instant access to robust operational reports, it helps drive profitability and create a culture of unprecedented transparency and accountability,” he explained. “It’s a collaboration that will transform the businesses of all involved.”

Leadership from both organizations emphasized the value of high-quality reporting that axcessa brings to Dominion clients. "One of the attractions DominionACCESS offers is its easy Excel report-building capability. With that said, a number of our dealers expressed a desire for a higher level of custom reports and data aggregation for analysis,” said Dominion President Van Koppersmith. “Now, dealers can have deep reporting at their fingertips in addition to the benefit of NCM Benchmark metrics. This is a natural fit for dealerships and small groups that wish to save money on their DMS without compromising on incredibly powerful reporting."

Paul A. Faletti, Jr., President and CEO of NCM Associates, echoed Koppersmith’s comments, “We’ve seen time and again that instant access to dealership data in any number of pre-configured or custom reports provides management teams with actionable intelligence that is critical to success.” He added, “The pairing of NCM axcessa with Dominion creates a remarkable suite of analytics, reporting, and intelligence to help drive profitability.”

NCM axcessa is part of the business intelligence core services offered by NCM Associates. A 100% employee-owned company and originator of the automotive 20 Group peer collaboration model, NCM provides 20 Groups, automotive retail consulting, management training, business intelligence through operational Benchmark analysis, data management and forecasting tools, as well as travel assistance.