NCM Associates Acquires ConSept to Become Largest North American 20 Group Provider

Kansas City, Mo., April 2, 2018  NCM® Associates has acquired the Virginia-based ConSept LLC, effective April 1, 2018, becoming the leading provider of automotive 20 Groups in North America.

With this merger, NCM, the originator of the 20 Group process, will enhance their suite of products and services to better serve dealer principals, their staff, and OEMs. NCM will now have nearly 30 moderators, the most comprehensive set of industry benchmarks, and more than 450 automotive 20 Groups across the U.S. and Canada.ConSept LLC an NCM Company

“ConSept is proud to lead 20 Groups for the Canadian market, and teaming up with NCM allows us an expanded footprint, client base, and the ability to offer our dealers better products and services,” said Michael Lynch, CEO and Founder of ConSept. “We are very excited to utilize our combined strengths to continue providing the industry’s best 20 Group experience, and we expect our clients to see nothing but improvements to their current services.”

NCM and ConSept intend to maintain “business as usual” in the coming months; any merger activities conducted will be done with the utmost care to minimize client impacts. All ConSept employees will remain onboard with NCM, a 100% employee-owned organization based in Kansas City, Mo.

“Joining forces with ConSept offers a great opportunity for clients and associates. First and foremost, we are thrilled to welcome new employee-owners to the NCM family,” said NCM CEO Paul Faletti, Jr. “This acquisition will act as an accelerant to diversify our markets, increase the breadth of our benchmarks and expertise to fulfill our promise of helping each other succeed every day.”

With the acquisition of ConSept, NCM is solidly positioned to help alleviate pain points and tackle market fluctuations that impact all departments in every dealership. Their team of automotive experts will continue to provide dealers with the tools and skills needed to lead their dealerships into a sustainable future.

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