Larry Peranski


Larry Peranski

Larry has a 30+ year automotive background that includes a combination of successful retail dealer experience, dealer & OEM consulting, and training expertise. After his military service, Larry’s automotive career started with the then premiere US automotive retailer and training organization, Key-Royal Automotive. He began on the sales floor and finished his time there as the Regional Director of Training when the training division was acquired by Aon Corporation.

During Larry's 10 years as Vice President, National Accounts at Aon Automotive, he worked exclusively with national and international manufacturers, associations, and large dealer groups to develop and deliver new initiatives, processes, and training programs. These included client-focused selling, service and management processes, OEM management training, and certified pre-owned programs. As a 20 Group moderator and automotive consultant, Larry is sharing his vast experience and unique insights with his dealer and OEM clients.


  • Reality-based profit, process, and personnel development
  • Innovative retail process theory and application
  • Sales, service, and management process development
  • Simplifying complicated issues into solvable actions
  • Identifying and managing accountability targets
  • Pre-owned and certified operations dominance
  • Service operations profitability
  • Retail showroom and service lane volume improvement

Client profitability is a measure of Larry's success.

At its first meeting with Larry, a newly acquired 20 Group who had been together for many years discovered that he had set new group performance standards and focus for the group. The astute group members quickly recognized Larry’s passion for businesses that were 100% dealer/owner controlled, with pre-owned and service departments. By focusing the group’s primary improvement priorities on these two departments, with Larry’s direction and accountability sharing of innovative and proven techniques, processes, and individual dealership consulting, this group of a large, metro-market, 3-brand dealers improved pre-owned retail volume, gross profit, and net profit year over year. Three increased net profit percentage by triple digits, six of the remaining eight improved by double digits. Additionally, all dealers but one improved service operating profit percentage year over year, four by triple digits; all remaining dealers improved by double digits.

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