Kevin Cunningham


Kevin Cunningham

Kevin‘s dealership operations expertise stems from more than 35 years of retail automotive experience. As the product of a third-generation family dealership, Kevin grew up in the automotive industry and learned all aspects of dealership operations by serving in nearly every position, beginning with the internal fixed operations center, and culminating in sales and management positions. Kevin ultimately became the general manager and part-owner of a two-dealership, four-franchise operation, working with his brother, Robin Cunningham.

Kevin joined NCM Associates in 1991 and has been an instrumental automotive consultant, building strategic relationships with dealers, manufacturers, and many others in the retail automotive arena, helping them leverage NCM’s industry-leading expertise in retail automotive operations management to achieve greater sales and profitability.

Kevin holds a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Missouri, Kansas City; a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Northwood University; and an Associate of Arts in Automotive Marketing from Northwood University.


  • Making the numbers tell a clear story
  • Helping clients “connect-the-dots” from multiple sources of information so they have a concrete understanding of their opportunities to ensure their business plans are targeted for success
  • Getting dealers and managers to accept responsibility without embarrassing them in meetings
  • High energy

Client profitability is a measure of Kevin's success.

Kevin invests many hours in reviewing his 20 Group members’ composites, showing he has a full grasp of their business. When he realized that one particular 20 Group member—a large, private dealer group in the Southwest—could streamline their operations, Kevin sprung into action. First, he discussed the issue with the group’s executive team to help them understand the strategic opportunities they were missing. Then Kevin, the executive team, and their general managers collaborated in the creation of strategic, operational action plans. After implementation, the dealer group quickly saw improved profitability in every department across their 10 dealerships. Today, Kevin continues to guide the dealer group’s executive team.

Contact Information
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