George Nance


George Nance

With 40+ years in the automotive industry, George has a wealth of knowledge that he gets to share with his 20 Group members. His experience includes fixed and variable operations for both the private and public sector organizations. He is a focused and innovative senior-level leader with extraordinary achievements within retail automotive management, serving in positions such as Operating Partner, General Manager, Operations Manager, Service Manager, and more. Additionally, George is a frequently requested speaker at the NADA Convention, Dealer Associations, and for various manufacturers. He is also an active contributor to Automotive News, Fixed Ops Magazine, and other automotive publications.

One of his best talents is his ability to analyze the numbers and understand what has transpired behind the scenes. George utilizes this knowledge and experience to provide insight for implementing corrective and effective changes to increase profitability within dealerships. He has been a 20 Group moderator since 2010 and is also certified by ASTD in Training and Design Learning.

George resides outside of Philadelphia and enjoys flying, sky diving, and trying to play golf. He has four daughters who, along with his three fantastic grandchildren, occupy any remaining spare time.

Contact Information
800-756-2620 4717 Grand Ave. #500
Kansas City, MO 64112