Tom Miller

NCMi Instructor

Tom Miller

Tom is a full-time instructor at the NCM Institute.  Being an experienced and accomplished automotive professional with over 18 years of General Management and Platform Management experience, and over 25 years in the automotive industry, he strives to use his knowledge in the training room every single day.

Tom began his career at an Acura store, where he held the position of salesperson, finance manager, sales manager, used car manager, and general sales manager. In just 5 years, he was selected by his General Manager to follow him in his purchase of Five Star Dealerships, where he would be promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the multi-franchise group. Led by Tom, the group went on to win numerous awards, including the GM Mark of Excellence, Toyota President’s Award, and Ford President’s Award. During his 18 years there, Tom also maintained a long-term track record of low turnover by developing management candidates from within the company. Tom is a firm believer that great teams are built through well-designed and developed processes, implemented by team members who have been trained, mentored, and given every opportunity to fulfill their own goals and aspirations.

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